A former German national announced the end of his career


Former German national goalkeeper Renee Adler announced that after the end of the season he will officially end his career, which has been bruised by recent injuries.

The 34-year-old goalkeeper told Stern magazine in a report about him that “he can not trust his body anymore, and since that feeling is not changing, it is best to put an end to his career.”

“My body tells me enough,” adds Adler, who last kept at Mainz’s door in April 2018.

Then he had to solve a lot of problems with his knees, and in the Bundesliga there were 269 matches, mainly in Bayer (Leverkusen) and Hamburg Schweiz for 12 years.

The goalkeeper has 12 matches for the country’s national team and may have been even longer in the national team, but broke a rib before the World Cup in 2010. So he opened the doors for Manuel Neuer, who was still the title holder.