Powerful summer purge, 13 players are at the exit in Real

The total transformation that is coming in Real Madrid in the summer will not go without a lot of outgoing transfers, the Marka newspaper reported. As much as any of the current line-up, coach Zinedine Zidane has agreed that a large number of players have already been exhausted for him and have to leave.

The newspaper says that 13 people can not be sure of their future on Santiago Bernabeu, although only two people are absolutely sure they will be sold and the back road for them is definitely gone. These are Gareth Bale and Rafael Varan.
The Welsh is constantly dissatisfied with his status and wants more trust and title appearances. But even if he got the chances for that, he does not rejoice with his appearances on the pitch and even his biggest defender in the face of boss Florentino Perez is pushing for parting with him. He will leave at the first bid, though his desire is to stay until the end of his contract.

In a slightly different way, things stand with Varan. He was one of the many players who wanted to get away under the old mentor Santiago Solari. With Zidane coming, most of them changed their minds, but not the Frenchman. The defender is categorical that he wants to be sold, whatever happens.

The third closest to the exit is Danny Sebayos, who allowed himself to criticize Zidane during his successor, Julien Lopeggi. The next two most likely leavers are Jesus Vayeho and Brahim Dias, who do not fit the Marsilia Wizard’s ideology.

Goalkeeper Kailor Navas is also “on a scale”, as Mariano Dias, Karim Benzema, Lucas Vasquez, Federico Valverde and Isco. Zuzu’s son – Luca, who has already recorded an official debut, is likely to be put into another team to gain experience, and Marco Asencio will have a conversation with the coach for a possible change in position, which if not to his taste may end with rental also