Conte: “The match with a capital letter is neither Barça nor Juve, it is against Sampdoria”

Conte: “The match with a capital letter is neither Barça nor Juve, it is against Sampdoria”

Antonio Conte, Inter coach, applies the slogan of ‘cholismo’ and goes game by game. Therefore, despite the fact that next week the Milanese team has a double level test, in the Champions League of Barcelona and in Serie A, against Juventus, Conte stressed that the important thing for him is called Sampdoria, his imminent rival. Saturday (6 pm) In the Italian League, where Inter dominates with five victories in the same number of matches. “For us, the capitalized match is that of Sampdoria,” he said. “Then we will think about it later. There are no other parts for us at this time, ”he added without wanting to enter the debate about rotations before what lies ahead.

The interest coach did not confirm or deny whether Romelu Lukaku will play or not. “It’s part of the group, period,” he said. Much more explicit and less political was with former Barça Alexis Sánchez, to whom he sent a message that sounded in a given notice. “I talked a lot about him because you always ask me the same question. It is up to us to let the streak and shine that has lost a bit in recent years, but is a strong player. Sooner or later you will see him in the field from the beginning, ”he said. Then, he extended the comment to his closet, perhaps to soften it. “We have room for improvement in everything and I have to improve the players in all aspects and points of view. We don’t have the magic wand to change everything in a short time, ”he said.

Conte said Antonio Candreva “is fine” and praised Danilo D’Ambrosio for his tactical wealth. “They have recovered. D’Ambrosio is a modern soccer player and can cover different roles. I am happy to have this type of player and his versatility at the football level is important to me, ”he emphasized.

Regarding the complete victory in Serie A, Conte was “happy with what we are doing,” but he warned that true greatness comes regularly in one season. “You must give continuity to the results. If you want to be the protagonist you must avoid the ups and downs. If you want to be really great, a great team must be continuous, have reliability and always maintain an important level, ”he described.

Conte did not want to compare the current Inter with the first Juve he directed. “Parallelism is difficult to do because situations are different. The first year in Juventus was very good to win the undefeated championship: we tied some matches and found a Milan with Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva, Robinho, Nesta and Gattuso, a strong team … They failed because they were the super favorites. Today we are not among the favorites because, as I have always said, Juve and Naples are above us in an important way, but this should not change our attitude, ”he warned.

For the Italian technician, the determining factor is “the balance”. “The defensive force involves all the lines, because in football the most important thing is to have a balance between the defensive and the offensive phase. We must know how to attack with eleven players, including the goalkeeper, to exploit the spaces, ”he summarized.

Conte does not want Icardi in ‘his’ Inter


  • The Italian coach, a step away from the bench ‘neroazzurro’, sets his conditions to sign
  • The former Chelsea does not want problems in the locker room and seeks to ‘get rid’ of the Argentine international

After a convulsive season, the future of Mauro Icardi seems to move away from Inter Milan. His renewal still does not come despite his redemption after staging several outings of tone during the course that destabilized the template.

According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, the new stage with Antonio Conte on the bench will entail several changes, among which could include the departure of Icardi.

The Italian newspaper says that the new technician ‘neroazzurro’ does not want Icardi in his squad. Conte does not want trouble in his squad and the Argentine international and his representative (Wanda Nara) are prone to generate them.

Inter already know the conditions of Conte and would be working to find an exit to which until now has been the benchmark of the team