Luka Jovic has written in The Player’s Tribune an article in which he reviews his childhood, talks about the illness of his sister, Benfica, Eintracht …

Luka Jovic has written in The Player’s Tribune an article in which he reviews his childhood, talks about the illness of his sister, Benfica, Eintracht …

Luka Jovic, new player of Real Madrid, has written in ‘The Player’s Tribune’, a medium in which it is the athletes who directly write what they want without there being any newspaper filter in between. The Serbian attacker reviews his career so far, as well as the hard times that he and his family have gone through until they reach Real Madrid.

“In this life, all people have certain gifts, and I think mine is to score goals, I think I was born with it,” he explains about his ability to score goals, and continues: “I do not know how I ended up playing as a striker, but since As a child, I used to have two VHS tapes of all the goals scored in each World Cup until 2006, I think I remember being hypnotized with Roger Milla, of the Cameroon national team in Italy’90 , and of course Ronaldo (Nazario), I was obsessed with the way he did the bikes in front of the goalkeepers, I remember it was as fast as a magician’s trick, I practiced doing it at home, Ronaldo played football so easily, almost as if he were at 30%, and I thought it was incredible, his style and confidence left a mark on me. ”

The new white attacker also reviews his origins in the world of football: “I grew up in a place called Batar, it’s a really small place, with only 105 houses in the whole town, but for me it’s special. Once: ‘My village is prettier than Paris’, and that’s how I see it too, almost everyone works in agriculture, and if you ask them what they believe in, they’ll tell you two things: work hard and dream big Everyone in Batar works hard to save enough money and help their children go to college or move to a bigger city to work in. That happened to me: my parents worked hard to help me find my way in the There is one issue that I do not like to talk about much: when I was nine or ten years old, my older sister got very sick, that moment marked our lives, the doctors discovered that she had leukemia, and she was in and out of the hospital for a long time. My mother had to stop running the supermarket to take care of her. During a whole year, our family was divided. I lived with my dad and my grandfather, going to and coming to training sessions at the Red Star in Belgrade, while my mother stayed with my sister. ”

Origins in Batar
“When my sister overcame her illness, she gave me the courage to succeed, I wanted to be a winner like her.” My dream was like all the children in Batar: play for the Red Star and score against the Partizan in the Eternal Derby. Red, it’s all about winning, if you do not win, then it’s a failure, there’s a story a few years ago, when the team was struggling and had some financial difficulties, some of the players wrote a letter to the fans in the newspaper He said something like, ‘Look, things are difficult right now, the club can not even buy shampoo bottles for showers.’ The next day, some fans burst into players’ cars and put shampoo bottles on The seats – this is more than a football club – growing up in this environment gives you the confidence to never scare you for nothing. ”

He also briefly reviews his time at Benfica: “I decided to go to Benfica to advance my career. But I think everything happened very fast. My family means the absolute world to me and I really was not ready to leave them. Being 18 years old and moving 3,000 kilometers away, to a place where you do not speak the language … it’s not just football anymore. Your life is not simple. When I first arrived in Lisbon, I thought about my home and just started crying for no reason. It was a bad time in my career because I felt very lonely. But fortunately, everything changed when I was able to move to Eintracht Frankfurt. I will always love and appreciate Eintracht, because this is not a club that deals with money or expensive players. On the contrary, it is about chemistry and an incredible sense of union with the fans. I really started enjoying my football again when I moved there. When we won the German Cup in 2018, the whole atmosphere in the stadium and in the city was electric. It looked a lot like the Red Star, and I made a lot of friends in Frankfurt that I will keep forever. ”

“The last time I played for the Serbian national team, one of my teammates, Stefan Mitrović, said something like: ‘Man, the things you could do if you had your confidence’. It makes sense to me. How can you be a forward without having confidence? For that position, the most important part is not the beginning, it is the end. Trust is the most important thing for any striker. And I have a lot of confidence. I have never doubted my worth and I always believe that I am the best. Where will this story continue? What will I achieve? Which is the end? I do not know, but I have very big dreams … “