Star of Barca: Only respect for United after reversal against PSG

Barcelona’s midfielder Ivan Rakitić clearly showed that no one in the team intends to underestimate the upcoming quarterfinals against Manchester United in the Champions League. The Croatian national said the “red devils” deserve only respect for the way they managed to turn Money Saint-Germain.

The French took a 2-0 lead at Old Trafford in the first eighth-finals duel and after that they all hurried to leave Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team. In the rematch, however, the English team remembered their great European nights, achieving a 3-0 victory following a dramatic goal from Marcus Rashford’s penalty shootout. United has earned the right to take part in the last season of the Champions League in the 2018/2019 season and has fallen against Barcelona.

“We have seen how good they are. We know that the English teams are very strong at the moment, “said Rakitic, 31, to GQ. “Manchester United has achieved good results, and three goals scored in Paris was unbelievable. You have to respect United for this turn, for the organization in the game and the battle to last with so many young players. ”

“I ask great respect for all Britons and their passion for football, full stadiums.”

“You always have to be aware of your strongest side and your new coach obviously has such knowledge. If you need to fight more and play counter-attack then you should do the best. Many teams would like to play as Barcelona and to control the ball. But if you’ve been holding the ball for a long time, and eventually losing the match, it’s been frustrating, and personally, I would not be happy at all, “Rakitic added.

Manchester United takes Barcelona in the first 1/4-final match on April 10 (Tuesday) at 22:00.

While Newcastle fans resemble, Mitar has already solved the fate after falling out of PL?!

While Newcastle fans resemble, Mitar has already solved the fate after falling out of PL?!

Fulham lost the theoretical chances of survival in the Premier League yesterday, and this spring he still has an honor to play five more cars by the end of the season before returning to the Champions League.

Of course, immediately began speculating how the Fulama team will look in the next season, whether there will be personnel for an express return to the elite and whether the best players will stay at “Craven Cottage”.

Some information has already begun to “cure”, and English media were discovered by legendary footballer Gordon Davies, who defended the club’s colors from 1978 to 1984, and after two seasons he spent in Chelsea and Manchester City, played is another five years in Fulham – from 1986 to 1991.

According to his knowledge of the sources close to Fulham, captain Tom Kerni will remain in the next season at “Craven Covttage”, and this was allegedly confirmed by his father.

However, what would be even more pleasing to fans of Fulama is our representative and best shooter of the London club Aleksandar Mitrovic.

“I also heard that Mitrovic will stay. That would be great from the angle of the fans, “said Davis.

According to him, the closest to the departure is young Ryan Seyenon, who will have only one year contract with Fulham after the end of the season, so the next year will be a great opportunity for the club to score because of his possible transfer.

And during this time, Newcastle fans are different.

Although they mostly regretted that Mitrovic had moved to Fulham, they now more loudly emphasize that Rafa Benitez was right to give up his services and that he had hit with Rondon.

In the attachment, we have highlighted some of their reactions, among other things, that Mitrovic is again “where he belongs”, that he has a “one-stop effect” when it comes to relegation from the Premier League – two seasons, two releases (with Newcastle and Fulham) …