Valverde: “Liverpool tries to overwhelm you in 15 minutes and many times it gets it”


Barça coach says that the league already won gives them more confidence and warns of the offensive dynamite of the European rival
Conquered LaLiga ahead of time, the club is now focused on the Champions League, in the electric semifinals eliminator that will measure him with Klopp’s Liverpool. “Playing after winning LaLiga gives you a lot of confidence and more desire. We want the match to come and learn from the mistakes of the past because the most beautiful is yet to come, “said Ivan Rakitic. Liverpool, however, also plays in the Premier and will go to Newcastle in the duel of the European intermission. “Having to play the Premier keeps you in a high competitive tone and there is only one match between the first leg and the second leg. But we have some margin and maybe they a little less. Although it is a Champions semifinal and here everyone is going to be very put, “Valverde decided.

Winner Madrid in the last three editions of the Orejona, Barcelona looks askance at the possibility of rising also in Europe and be able to sign his third triplet in history, milestone never achieved by anyone. “It’s 180 minutes and you’re playing it with a team that has solid arguments like you. But we have already played against rivals of this depth and we face it with enthusiasm, “said Valverde. This is what Rakitic sees: “We do not demand it. But we really want and we want to enjoy what’s left. The pressure, as always, there is plenty and we understand. But we want to make a great game through our game. ” The Barça coach added: “There is no obligation for anyone. There is the illusion of getting it. ”
Liverpool is not a simple opponent, it has a counter area, able to play with the pressure and make the withdrawal at any height of the field. “It is a very powerful team, with an extraordinary front, with a high level of pressure and rhythm. Something that Klopp had in Dortmund and that has transmitted to Liverpool. They have only lost one game in their league and that says a lot, “reflected Valverde. And he continued with his praises: “It is a team that pushes you towards your goal, with a very sticky pressure. They have a collective game that feeds the three top players. High pressure, with high defense and try to steal the ball to be able to launch their media as well. If they have space they can do you a lot of damage. That’s why we do not have to have misconceptions. In 15 minutes he tries to overwhelm you and he gets it many times “. Rakitic, however, does not care about the rival approach but the virtues of his teammates. “Each team has their way of playing and Liverpool is done. We all know how Salah and company play. But we must think about our game and let them think about our football in the end. ”

Counts the Barça, in any case, with a Messi in its best version. “Leo has rested more than others in this month,” acknowledged the mister. Because it was not necessary to prevail in LaLiga and because it is known that he has the Champions in the eyebrows since he called it “that beautiful cup”. Rakitic is clear: “When our captain says something, others are to follow the path he sees. They saw their desire to lift the League Cup. With him like that, we still have more desire and we want to go for everything “. He added: “Leo has four Champions. I do not think he’s going to be nervous. He goes ahead and we follow him. ” A Leo, in addition, who was awarded with the Creu de Sant Jordi. “Leo is a genius that transcends football. This is what Messi means for the Catalans, as well as for his behavior, attitude and for what he does playing and for his commitment to Catalan society, “argued Valverde. And, of course, has the 10 to give a good account of Liverpool.