Known, cosmic, great Ajax broke with inhuman football in the middle of Juventus in Turin with a 2: 1 WS and a 3: 2 overall result deservedly going to the semifinals of the most commercial tournament. The “old lady,” led by the ubiquitous Cristiano Ronaldo, started the strike and led exactly through the Portuguese mega star, which scored again after the corner in the 28th minute. All bianconer goals in the elimination phase are marked by CR7. And they are five in a row – a hat trick against Atletico M and one shot in the Ajax games.
But then, the sons of God, as the nickname of the Low Earth Colossus, demonstrated total soccer. They marveled wonderfully, walked endlessly, creating on the ground. The Stars of the Italian Hegemon could watch only the superproduction of guests from the Netherlands.

Ajax was still in the first half – in the 34th minute Van der Baker was alone in front of the guard and coldly found the bottom left corner.


In the second he fought fearlessly in attacks and reached many positions after a unique football. Only goalkeeper Szczęsny, good luck, and VAR squandered Juve, but the boys from coach Erich Teen Haag eventually scored a second shot in the 68th minute to resolve the dispute. This is the work of young talents De Licht. He managed to extend their lead to 0 – 2, after making a brilliant save.
Just a miracle to save Juve from collecting other goals in her network. That is why the Dutch deservedly qualified for the semifinals and proved that the detroning in the final phase of Real M is not accidental, on the contrary.

There they will face Manchester City or Tottenham.

Barcelona defeated Man United 3-0 in Spain and with a 4: 0 overall result left without doubt its superiority over the “red devils”. Two goals for the bergara brought the genius Leo Messi this night, while another added Philip Coetino.