The new Champions would be in the hands of the richest clubs


The proposal of the new Champions League favors the richest clubs from the year 2024
The most modest teams and domestic competitions could be relegated

The project of the new Champions League, from the year 2024, could be in the hands of the richest clubs in Europe, as revealed by ‘The New York Times’.

The proposal of the new Champions goes through a tournament that would start in 2024 and would allow the 24 best teams in a Champions League of a total of 32 to automatically qualify for the next season, guaranteeing their participation and the tens of millions of euros in television revenue.

In this way, the competition would be dominated by an elite group formed by the richest clubs and would leave only four of its 32 seats available to teams considered small.

This new Champions would also consider the domestic competitions of each country almost irrelevant, a situation that has already created a confrontation between the own teams of the Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1.

Substantial changes are focused on a longer group stage, with four groups of eight teams qualifying for the next round the best four and looking for more matches between elite clubs on even weekend dates, reserved for national leagues.

The champions of the low profile leagues, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Eastern Europe, would be relegated to a second level of 32 teams and there would even be a third division with 64 teams, something that has already motivated the concern of the small and medium clubs, upset by the fact that the biggest clubs in Europe monopolize the biggest financial prizes.
“We are open to a constructive dialogue to reform European football, together with other stakeholders, but if this is the project on the table, then the margins for negotiations are very limited,” Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, announced. ‘The Times’.