The revolutionary change with the offside expected in the Qatar World Cup

Arsène Wenger assures that the objective of FIFA is that it is technology that directly decrees these actions and not the linesmen
FIFA is preparing a revolutionary change with the offside that comes after the controversial Nations League final between Spain and France in which the Gauls took the title with a very controversial goal.
Arsène Wenger, who plays a fundamental role in the organization of the Qatar World Cup in 2022, hopes that by then it will be the technology that indicates the offside, in order to speed up the process since it is considered that it does not work well given waiting decision making.
The former Arsenal manager, in charge of FIFA’s global development, believes that football must take another leap forward. “We must continue to advance in the speed of decision-making, particularly in terms of offside,” he insisted on Goal, adding that “in the 2022 World Cup we will be much better able to make very fast offside decisions. He will stop. minus the game because that can be blamed on the VAR. It will be a real emotional boost. There is a good chance that the offside will be automated for Qatar 2022. It will be the next big step in refereeing. ”
That does not mean that Wenger does not defend the VAR, on the contrary, since he assured that “it seems positive to me. If tomorrow he announced that he was retiring, people would be against it. We have realized in the decisive matches that the VAR is able to prevent wrong decisions from being made. ” He acknowledges, yes, that “there are things that must be perfected. The VAR is a new process and the people within the VAR may not be at the level of the referees. They will improve over the years. It is a useful help and you have to continue to take decisions. Fairer ”.